Other Writing


In addition to academic essays, I publish reviews and essays in venues like Inside Higher Ed, TLR / The Literary Review, Bookslut, The New Haven Review, Art South Africa, SLiPnet, LitNet, n+1, Africa in Words, 3:AM Magazine, Public Books, and the American Comparative Literature Association’s State of the Discipline site. Links to some of this writing can be found below:

Short essay, “New African Literature is Disrupting What Western Presses Prize” at The Conversation – Africa, October 2017.

Review, “Cursed Masculinity,” of Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi’s Kintu, Public Books, July 2017.

Class Interview with South African writer Masande Ntshanga on Brittle Paper, March 2017.

Review of Mike McCormack’s Goldsmiths Prize-winning Solar Bones in 3:AM Magazine, January 2017.

Review, “Americans in Bulgaria,” of Garth Greenwell’s What Belongs To You and Miroslav Penkov’s Stork Mountain, Public Books, October 2016.

Contributor to “After Columbia,” an n+1 roundtable on the NLRB decision to allow graduate student unionization, August 2016.

Review essay “Doing Philosophy Better” on Mark de Silva’s Square Wave, n+1, August 2016.

Essay, “Farewell to Pnin: The End of the Comp Lit Era,” 3:AM Magazine, July 2016.

Interview with Tendai Huchu in Bookslut, March 2016. 

Review essay on “The South African Novel of Ideas,” n+1, October 2015.

Essay, “The South African State of Emergency,” Africa in Words, May 2015.

Essay“African Languages, Writ Small,” State of the Discipline Report of the American Comparative Literature Association, May 2015.

Essay on the PEN/Charlie Hebdo protest, “Against Cosmo-conscientiousness,” n+1, May 2015. 

Essay and Interview with Emmanuel Sigauke, founder of Munyori Literary Journal, Bookslut, May 2015.

Review of The Maestro, The Magistrate, and The Mathematician by Tendai Huchu, SLiPnet, April 2015. 

Essay with Leon de Kock, “Is Afrikaans Literature a World Literature? New Notes on an Old Field.” LitNet, April 2015.

Essay, “Nadine Gordimer, ‘Gen Y’ Parenting Coach,” SLiPnet, October 2013.

Report on “Writing after Apartheid” event at Yale University, SLiPnet, September 2013. 

Review of the first McGregor Poetry Festival, Art South Africa, September 2013.

Review of The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, SLiPnet, June 2013. 

Review of The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, Bookslut, March 2013. 

Review of It’s Fine by Me by Per Petterson, TLR/The Literary Review, Fall 2012.

Review of How I Killed Margaret Thatcher by Anthony Cartwright, Bookslut, September 2012. 

Travel essay, “An American in Parys: Part II,” SLiPnet, August 2012.

Travel essay, “An American in Parys: Part I,” SLiPnet, July 2012. 

Review of Stolen Pleasures by Gina Berriault, TLR/The Literary Review, Summer 2011.

Review of Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books by William Kuhn, Bookslut, March 2011.

Review of To Hell with Cronjé by Ingrid Winterbach, Bookslut, February 2011. 

Review of the Showtime television drama Brotherhood, New Haven Review, January 2011. 


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