Here are a few photos with literary friends, a few from travels, and my cats.







(With my husband Kwamina, a doctor who patiently attends book events)

954797_789105329629_3991875445471792634_n (Sad, lovely horses in St. Petersburg, Russia)

10622855_788552986529_2982202331197133484_n (Maisie, the Baltimorean)

Elnathan Pic(with Nigerian writer Elnathan John)

10301607_745932538249_6159066869246998011_n (Durban, South Africa)

11169228_864028098799_6679925097788383449_n(With writer and pal Tendai Huchu)

10370901_787147897339_1754733879392287882_n (JHU colleagues with writer Helon Habila)

10991298_812467147359_530893281342716552_n-1 (with Nathan Suhr-Sytsma at Emory)

Fanie & Bongani Pic (with S.J. Naude & Bongani Madondo)

11403371_848824941049_1906482234438206616_n (with Shona teacher Hardy Matewa)

11391173_842859086669_1749321881670356183_n (with Zimbabwean filmmaker Tatenda Mbudzi)

11209615_831688417779_5129207084511417618_n (Paula Fourie, Athol Fugard, and Leon de Kock)

10996109_814557897479_7894275856964751318_n-1 (JHU students on trip to a Baltimore gallery)


998761_693727916729_611646215_n (Zanzibar)

1601255_312964745528552_7034944844170474795_n (The Matopos, with writer John Eppel)

10010827_310285379129822_877919908470950417_o (with Afrikaans writer Alexander Strachan)

553281_629673936419_998961676_n (Cyprus)

10407186_793960734359_942624850767783622_n ( Indonesia)



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